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Amy Acheson, Attorney at Law P.C.
Amy Acheson

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Credit Reporting Security Freeze: Is It the Right Tool for You?

If you are concerned about identity theft or unauthorized credit lines, consider taking advantage of the protections of the Pennsylvania Security Freeze law. Here we outline some of the factors a Pennsylvania resident should consider when deciding whether to place a security freeze on your credit.

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  • We understand we are here to serve you and are available when you need us.
  • Flat fees for most matters; competitive hourly rates where flat fees are unsuitable.
  • Highly experienced and credentialed.
  • Home or place of business appointments.
  • Top notch referral network for compre- hensive coverage of all your legal needs.
  • Direct attorney consultation with referral attorneys on your behalf as needed.
  • 24/7 web access to your key legal documents and correspondence.

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