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Administering an Estate

We assist you throughout the process, from beginning to end, or starting at any point along the way.

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Credit Reporting Security Freeze: Is It the Right Tool for You?

If you are concerned about identity theft or unauthorized credit lines, consider taking advantage of the protections of the Pennsylvania Security Freeze law. Here we outline some of the factors a Pennsylvania resident should consider when deciding whether to place a security freeze or credit freeze on your credit.

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The Importance of Having a Will

If you die without a valid Will which is able to be located, any and all assets you own that would otherwise be distributed under a Will are distributed according to the Pennsylvania Intestacy Statute.

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Vaccine Illnesses and Injuries

If you or your child has suffered an illness or injury after receiving a vaccine, you may be entitled to money compensation
without ever having to pay any attorney’s fees or costs.

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What You Need to Know: Current Situation on the Federal Estate Tax

Please contact us to discuss your current personal situation in regard to this critical Estate issue and others.

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